Video of Blaine Cook's Scaling Twitter

Posted by Pelle April 23rd, 2007 5 comments edit

I taped this great talk by Blaine Cook about scaling Twitter at Silicon Valley Ruby Conference.

There were many great talks, but this was one of the best. Filled with the kind of insight you only get after very painful trial and error.

The slides themselves are available on Slide Share

Warning, yet again this was taped without the use of tripod, so you may feel a bit like you’ve been riding a camel when you finish watching it.

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Ron April 23rd, 2007 destroy

Was hoping someone would tape this particular talk.
Tak Pelle! ;)
Morten April 23rd, 2007 destroy

The whole Twitter thing is quite interesting. A shame that the sound is so bad on the recording, I had a hard time understanding what was said.
josh April 23rd, 2007 destroy

Hey there. Sorry we didn’t get to meet! I think you were standing right behind me when you shot that video, heh.

Did you record any other talks? I have no idea how long it’s going to take for SDForum to make their video available.
Pelle April 23rd, 2007 destroy

Yeah sorry the quality is not very good. I didn’t see anyone else taping it so I thought it would best if I made an attempt at it.

Hi Josh,
Yeah sorry I missed you. We’ll meet at the next SF Ruby meetup, I’m sure. They’ve all been when I haven’t been able to go unfortunately.

No, I only just managed to tape this this one. My battery was dying out, which is why I had to cut the questions short.

It was a great conference though.
Ed December 18th, 2008 destroy

I was particularly curious about the “Future” slide. Anyone knows what Blaine Cook says during this slide?

There’s an image of a “Active Record nano” and it seems to be interesting.