Just in time for the Keynote my new Google App Engine Twitter clone Talk.org

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Well it’s not exactly a twitter clone as you can’t follow or track anyone. There is no IM or SMS support either. However you are able to do some of what you would do on Twitter. So it might come in helpful during Steve Job’s keynote if Twitter goes down. Go to Talk.org to try it out.

This is my first little play project using Google Appengine

Right now it just uses Google Accounts, so for most people you don’t even need to sign up.

So what’s next for Talk.org

My original plan for this was not for it to go the Twitter clone way. There are a few features that I think might be more fun to do than trying to be an exact clone of twitter.

Following and Tracking should not be too overly complicated features to add. But I may endup being wrong about that. From my understanding Twitter’s real scalability problems are from these two features and not the messaging plat form itself.

I’m thinking that unless they’re well designed these may endup presenting problems even on AppEngine. Of course they would only be a problem if you got people with extremely large amount of followers.

I can’t see implementing IM and SMS in the current architecture of AppEngine. However it might be possible to create a separate messaging server using Amazon EC2.

There is also a really annoying bug in Memcache on AppEngine that pretty much excludes the use of the Memcache API until it’s fixed. They are working on it so lets see.

I don’t want to use too much time on this, maybe just an hour or two a week in the future, but I think I may post the code to GitHub as soon as I get it cleaned up a bit.

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Fabricio C Zuardi June 9th, 2008 destroy


It is interesting to see so many appengine projects choosing to go open/forkable with GitHub.

I have personally learned a lot of Python and GAE just from reading and hacking other people’s code there. I am curious to take a peek on this one too, please don’t get overly obsessed with code-cleaning. Releasing soon and often is still more important :)