Client list

While intended as a final list, this is a list of who I think have been some of my more important consulting gigs.

If you need a consultant for some Ruby, Clojure or Security work, please email me at [email protected]. I am available on a consulting basis for offsite work.

Nasdaq Private Markets

Consulted on Captable and Secondary Market platform.


Large e-commerce site.

Doximity, San Mateo

Security, crypt and general rails back end work for the largest business network for Doctors in the US.

Friends Around Me, Miami

Performance optimizations on Rails back end to the best of the next generation of mobile social networks.

BibleGateway, Grand Rapids

Architect in a rewrite of the worlds most popular bible study resource.

GiveZooks, Santa Barbara

Worked on payment integration for social fundraising tool for non profits.

Epocrates Medinsight, San Mateo

Agile coach and consultant. Survey tool for Medical industry analysts.

iMedExchange, San Francisco

Took an architect role in building this social network for doctors in Rails.

PreviewFirst, San Diego

Took part in a total conversion to Rails from Java for a Real Estate virtual tour site. Think Flickr for Real Estate Agents.

BRF Kredit, Denmark

I’ve had a role here as a technical architect. Doing a lot of work with Websphere, but also helping to improve the development environment.

Deutsche Bank, London

Worked as the architect of the front end for the Cash Management System. Lots of Oracle, Java, J2EE, JavaScript, NetDynamics, DHTML, CSS and all.

Securities.com, Boston

Creating new distributed web based user authentication and management system. Perl, Mysql, C, Apache Modules.

Counsel Connect, Cambridge, MA

Fun project via BBN Planet (now something else I guess). We rewrote a large online service for lawyers to be web based and took it live in 3 months. Great team, great people. Perl, C, Oracle, Solaris and Netscape Publishing/Community System (which we eventually more or less were forced to rewrite).

Side note. My longest billing date ever was when we went live. I billed for 26 or 27 hours of straight work. I asked them if I needed to split it up over the actual days worked, but they thought it was as hilarious as me.

AltaVista , Littleton, MA

I was the corporate webmaster throughout 1996 and a bit into 97. This does not mean I wrote the search engine, but I was basically in charge of all other aspects of the web for Digitals failed attempt of spinning off a super internet startup.

Lessons learnt:

  • The dos and donts of corporate warfare
  • Digital Unix rocks. Database driven perl scripts ran pretty much as fast as fastcgi
  • Dont type try to kill a process on a production machine while nodding off at 4am in the morning
  • Dynamic apps do not have to be slow
  • Palo Alto has better restaurants than Littleton, MA
  • TCL should be used for minor scripting and not major production apps (Ex altavistites know what I mean)
  • Don’t let your fear of Microsoft affect all aspects of product strategy

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