Open Source Projects

I have been involved with a series of open source projects over the years. If you are interested in hiring me for whatever reason, this is always a great way to check the quality of my technical skills. See David’s Reduce the risk, hire from open source

Clojure projects

Clojure is a really interesting language that I am using for most of my newer projects now.


OAuth provider library for Clojure apps. Use this to provide a OAuth protected API for your web app just like Facebook.


OAuth consumer library for Clojure Apps. Use this for connecting with OAuth protected API’s like GitHub and Facebook.


An internationalized smart URL slug generator for Clojure. Convert a string like “learn how to say 你好” to “learn-how-to-say-ni-hao” to be used in SEO friendly URLs.


Clojure Money and Currency manipulation library.

Ruby projects

I have been working with Ruby since 2004. I have various OSS projects here in particular related to security.

OAuth GEM and OAuth Rails Plugin

I am one of the lead developers of the OAuth Gem for Ruby as well as the OAuth Rails plugin which makes it quick and easy to enable your rails application for OAuth clients.


This is a project, where I am Lead (read only) developer. The goal of the projecct is to create an easy and safe framework for crypto programming, that hides some of the complexities found in nearly all current crypto libraries, including OpenSSL on which it is based. I feel very strongly that Crypto should be used everywhere. It should also be simple. Simple code has fewer bugs and is inherently more secure.

EzCrypto consists of the straight ruby library EzCrypto and of a new Rails plugin called ActiveCrypto for writing secure web applications.

Minor stuff

I have submitted one or two patches to Rails as well. Just minor stuff so far.

Java projects

The bulk of my open source development has been in Java. Much of this has been related to my NeuClear project, but they have been in separate projects usable outside of NeuClear.


This is a project to create an alternative payment and asset clearing system. It is currently largely on hold at the moment. But is fully functional for anyone wishing to pick it up.

It is written in Java, but the standards and ideas should be relatively easily portable to other languages or frameworks.

I am/was the lead developer here and on the other NeuClear related projects below.

NeuClear ID

This is a project to create an alternative PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) standard to the prevayling but IMHO useless X509 standard. It is based on XML Signatures and Web Standards. I would like to port this to Ruby at some point.

You can try the end user client, which runs as a Java Webstart application here:

NeuClear Personal Signer

NeuClear XMLSig

This is an implementation for Java of W3C’s XML Signature Standard. It is complete with all the features I needed for NeuClear ID but is notoriously lacking much of the x509 related stuff. If you want to implement it let me know.

The library is written with security and ease of use as it’s main focal point. The W3c standard is a typical committee designed standard overburdened with useless and some down right dangerous features that I have written about before in JSR105 and XML Signatures are dangerously insecure

I wouldn’t mind the idea of maybe a super simple digital signature layer on top of YAML . If I continue work on NeuClear I think I will switch to something like this.

NeuClear Commons

This started out as a general swiss army library for NeuClear, however it’s primary focus now is easy crypto for java. This is in many ways the predecessor for EzCrypto. It provides some neat ways of solving some of the gui problems you often face when writing applications with crypto.

NeuClear Ledger

A Ledger is a method of doing accounting, that is often found in business and financial applications. The NeuClear Ledger is a general purpose ledger library using Hibernate and Prevayler
for storage. While it was designed for use in payment systems, this seems to be in pretty strong use in a variety of applications out there. I receive several inquiries a month from telecoms and payment system applications anyway who use it.

Small stuff

I have contributed patches to at least these projects Dom4j, Maven, PicoContainer and Gentoo Linux.

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