Negotiating contracts with Big Companies

Published September 20th, 2008 edit replace rm!

Just discovered a great article Kiss of Death – Contract Provisions Entrepreneurs Should Avoid at All Costs about dealing with Big Companies from InfoChackie.

The mysterious Uncle Saul as he calls himself has a wealth of tips about dealing with what he calls BDC’s (Big Dumb Companies) or as I like to call them Kim Jong-Il.

Big companies can be extremely tempting to deal with. They’ve got lots of money, they validate your business idea and you know it sounds great to brag about signing a deal with company X.

However as Uncle Saul says beware. Big companies are often run by all kinds of internal politics and have bureaucracy’s you couldn’t imagine. I have personally seen many small companies die because they either were desperate to sign a deal with a Big company or actually did and then got screwed.

That said, if you manage it right. Keep the control on your side and know when to cut your losses there are lots of opportunities for the smart entrepreneur. Uncle Saul describes in detail the contract negotiation part, which really is the single most critical part of dealing with these kinds of companies.


Nathan Kuemmerle October 17th, 2009

Thank you yes I have been through everything you say. We are getting major local, community and global responses and the new media that google, yahoo, facebook, my space, etc is creating is great and we are in talks with many big companies. Tony Phillips, someone working for me has become very intense to assure that this company remain solid. We are getting leads at multiple levels. Communication is vital as we are also getting competitors that are “moles” creating lies and sabotage so that they can knock me out. Today was one of the most intense office days ever. I have sometimes 20 cars tailing me a day. I also have people on facebook undermining me. I also have people telling me to not talk to other companies. I look at poor communication as always a bad thing for any company as everything starts playing out. This is as complex as can be and I have to be careful what I say to anyone. "i.e. in backhanded 3 way party way of talking saying don’t talk to this person but rather talk to this company.

Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle M.D. Social Times Inc.

solomon November 19th, 2010

please would wants to know procedures on crude oil negotiations within the multinationals company like the Asian market

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