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Published July 14th, 2005 edit replace rm!

Like many other geeks I have had a collection of domain names that I have built up over the years. Inspired by Punditpreneur it struck me that I might be able to sell some of them off to help put me in a position, where I can move away from Funding through my 9 to 5 and spend more time on StakeItOut and SoapBX. It really is draining working essentially two full-time jobs and I would dearly like to be able to put all my focus in one place.

So I have a small collection of domain names, that I think would be useful for some people. The real big one is, where I have had my other blog going for a few years.

I’m not sure how I managed to pick up, but the plan was to build an online discussion forum community like I previously had done with TravelTalk. However everyone else started doing this as well and financial and crypto apps started becoming more interesting to me.

About pricing. I ordered’s domain appraisal service, which valued it at €10,000 or roughly $12,000. We’ll see how realistic that is, but judging by DNJournal’s Domain Sale Report more might be realistic. I am definitely not in need of a quick sale so I’ve set it for sale for $20,000 or highest offer. I may accept a small part of this as stock if the project sounds cool, but remember my main motivation is food, housing, server hosting etc. as I am bootstrapping myself. If you can think of something else such as a leasing or partnership scheme I’m all ears. (pronounced Ticket) was a project that I created last year as part of the Neuclear project. Basically it was a way to create single use “prepaid” cards that could be sent via email or printed out in an internet cafe. As the NeuClear projects are on hold for the next year or so, I might be interested in selling this if someone is interested. I personally love the domain name and will only sell it if it is a decent price, or I will start something up on it again in a years time. I’ve listed it at $3000, the same rules govern as above with regards to structuring.,, and (Public Key Yellow Pages) was also part of the NeuClear infrastructure. CaribWeb was around 1996 a fairly large Caribbean travel site that I put together and was actually making money on. I sold off one part of it and ended up focusing on travel discussions with and where planned as portals for their respective subject areas. However I never had time to get around to it. Caribweb could possibly be brought back to life in a successful way so I’m selling that for $2000 on the same terms as above. The others give me an offer, you wont offend. I might even exchange them entirely for stock if you have a good idea.

These are the links to’s sales pages for them:

You are also more than welcome to write me personally at [email protected].

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