BAP #6: The Snowblind solopreneur

Published July 6th, 2005 edit replace rm!

Most of us entrepreneurs have a dream and we are very focused on this. Unfortunately things that are obvious to us can very often be undecipherable for others.

Startups with more people can also have this problem, but are less perceptible to it as the other partners or investors will start questioning you early on. Us solopreneurs rely on public feedback.

I was inspired to write this by the recent simple changes I have done to StakeItOut.

I was wondering why many people who signed up for StakeItOut, didn’t found ventures or add assets. I figured it was some usability issue, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

Luckily I’ve received some great feedback in the last week, highlighting two major deficiencies:

  • It was not obvious what to do next once you’ve signed up.
  • The bookmarklet method of adding assets was not obvious to people.

Now, I’ve cleaned it up a bit and added some bold “First steps” to show exactly what to do.

I’ve also tried to hightlight the option of installing the bookmarklet. I also stop pestering the user to use it once he has used it the first time.

I realise that there is still more to do. Especially with respect to the new webservices features. So that is where I will put focus now.

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