BAP#9 Using We when you should be using I

Published November 15th, 2005 edit replace rm!

Just got hit by another typical Bootstrapping Anti Pattern, I have been writing using “We” and not “I”.

It is such a bad habit for me, but I keep catching myself writing “We …” when I am writing text for my businesses. I am but myself so why should I write “We offer a secure service.”. I have just gone through a little self audit and updated the text I have written on WideWord and found more than a few cases. I hope I’ve removed all of it by now.

Why should you talk about your solo venture as I and not We? People won’t respect me? Bullsh$t. I think people nowadays much more respect the individual voice and not the boring corporate robot speak. It is really hard to wean yourself from this though. Besides it’s dishonest. If you are small, be proud to be small. If you are big be proud to be big (or scared???).

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