Did MySQL AB fall off the Cluetrain?

Published October 25th, 2005 edit replace rm!

I wanted to read up about the new features of Mysql 5.0 and I was hit by a registration wall .

Whenever I go to a site where I have to register to read their marketing spiels I immediately switch off. It even makes me angry. It all reminds me of my days at AltaVista when the marketing department where busy inventing fake collateral and pdf whitepapers. Geeze, we are not in 1996 anymore. MySQL has always had a clue before, but have the corporate clueless staged a coup d’etat in Upsalla?

If I want that type of cluelessness I would pick Oracle or IBM.

==Update Marten Mickos responds ==

See below for more. Also Roumen writes MySQL 5.0 – Why Do I Need to Register to Read about New Features?

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