How not to sell a shareware app

Published July 7th, 2005 edit replace rm!

I need to create little screencast quicktime movies to help users of StakeItOut. This is something that it looks like Backpack have done successfully and it really is a good idea.

So I downloaded Snapz Pro X a while ago to try it out. It seems like a good product, but I didn’t need it straight away, so I didn’t buy it yet. Then I have been hit by the most obnoxious nag screen I have ever seen. The app installs itself into some sort of ancient system hook mechanism, that I don’t really think is necessary now a days. All other screenshot apps I’ve seen for Mac just work as standard apps. I’m no OSX expert, maybe there is a good reason.

The problem with this is that you get the above nag screen popping up all the time. I get it almost every time I switch desktops using Desktop Manager. What a pain in the *ss.

While I didn’t maybe research the market well enough, there doesn’t seem to be a good alternative to Snapz Pro X for screen casts. If there was I would buy that. Unfortunately I had to buy this. So I pay it and enter my cc details etc. and they give me the registration code. What happens?

What the hell does that mean. How come my date is wrong? I thought maybe it was some silly US centric bug, where you could only use it in EDT. Nope. Well I’ve emailed them, I hope they will get back to me quickly.

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