Does it get any better than this?

Published March 13th, 2007 edit replace rm!

Heading south on Rt 101 from San Francisco to Silicon Valley, windows open, 27 degrees Celsius outside, the sun burning my face, La Kalle 105.7 on full blast with a kicking Reggaeton/Merengue mix going to first project meeting of a very cool new project (Ruby on Rails all the way).

Yes I’m enjoying being in the Bay Area!!


Brian March 13th, 2007

Color me jealous. I was out there in Decemberr on business; it was mighty nice.

Marston March 13th, 2007

No, No I don’t think it does. :-P

Morten March 20th, 2007

How are the living expenses (apartment rent and so on) in the bay area? Wanting to see something else than DK for a couple of years when I am done with my master, I am considering either UK / London or the bay area. I suppose the later has the better environment for start-ups.

Pelle March 20th, 2007

Apartments are the main thing here that is more expensive than Copenhagen, only slightly though.

To get a good idea checkout Craigs List, which we used to find an apartment.

Restaurants and bars are much cheaper than Copenhagen. There are one or two items in the supermarket that is cheaper in Denmark.

If you plan on living/working outside SF you probably need a car, but with SF public transportation is as good as in Copenhagen. It’s also very walkable, like Copenhagen.

London is probably more expensive than SF and has great startups, but the bay area still rules the startup world.

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