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Published October 10th, 2006 edit replace rm!

I know my last post Don’t listen to your family might be interpreted in a negative manner, it really wasn’t meant that way.

Families can be and are mostly great. There are definitely examples out there where they aren’t, but generally speaking they are great. In particular if you learn to learn from them. As I said before most families have a hard time differentiating their own feelings towards you from real advise. They don’t mean harm, but they can do harm.

Where families are really good are for giving you examples. Both positive and negative. Every family have several inspirational characters and probably one or two that aren’t.

These people are great for learning. Your Dad or Grandpa might have made some difficult choices that he doesn’t want you to have to go through even though it might be best for you to do so. Therefor learn by example and not necessarily by advise.

Both my grand fathers have been eminent examples for me. One came from a middle class New Jersey family, the other from a poor Danish family. Both refused in their own way to take crap from anyone and built a good life for themselves and their families. Both had their fair share of conflict that they had to come up against and they continued following their own dreams and morals. I’ve learnt from them to not just accept the status quo nor what other people say.

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