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Published January 30th, 2008 edit replace rm!

Today I released the new version of the OAuth Rails plugin . This finally supports the new “all together now” release of the OAuth Ruby Gem, which Blaine Cook and me have worked hard to merge together from our previous incarnations.

I previously posted a guide to how to turn your rails site into an OAuth Provider, which should still be pretty much be correct as there haven’t been too many changes to the api that you would use within your rails application.

See the OAuth Plugin Documentation for more detailed installation instructions.

If you are using the plugin or gem please join the OAuth-Ruby Google Group


If you have previously installed the plugin you need to first update your OAuth gem to the latest version. I’m afraid you also do need to rerun the generator. There haven’t been any changes to the view code so you can leave them be if you’ve made your own changes.


The new OAuth gem was basically a merge of my previous gem which we merged with the Blaine’s original OAuth code, which is used on Twitter. Large chunks of this has been written by Larry Halff and Jesse Clark of Ma.gnolia. Further help and patches came from amongst other people Pat Cappelaere, Jon Crosby, Seth Fitzsimmons and Phillip Pearson.

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