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Published November 27th, 2007 edit replace rm!

I’ve made a few changes today to make it easier for other people to create OAuth Rails plugins using my core library.

The most important change is that I have pulled out most of the juice in the plugin into an OAuth GEM.

This means you now need to install the gem before you can use the plugin:

sudo gem install oauth


I have also moved the plugin repository around a bit. I’m sorry if you’ve alredy installed it. I made a mistake when I first created it. Now it should have a better url for installing as a plugin: (updated with github)

script/plugin install git://

I have updated the instructions in my last post How to turn your rails site into an OAuth Provider

Last but not least I started an oauth-ruby mailing list for Ruby specific implementation issues. Rails developers tend not to be scared of trying new things and it would be better to leave questions about integrating them with specific authentication libraries etc to a separate list.

If you are interested in the actual standard you should also join the main OAuth list.

Phew. off to bed. If you have questions and you’re at the SF Ruby meetup today come up and say hi.


Sam Schenkman-Moore December 9th, 2007

sudo gem install oauth is getting me …

OpenURI::HTTPError: 404 Not Found reading

Any idea what up with that?

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