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Published November 10th, 2005 edit replace rm!

Steve Pavlina has written another great bind twisting piece on changing the way you think about your time outside employment. He says we need stop focusing on our regular hourly rate, but instead focus our attention on those $10,000 hours.

It is really a great way of thinking and it really does make me think. Don’t worry about your time as such, but worry about pursuing those ideas that cause big payoff:

Almost always the $10,000 hour is the result of a great idea. And great ideas can strike at any time. When I get one of those $10,000 candidate ideas, I’ll normally drop everything and implement it right away. If it flops (and usually it does), I’ve lost an hour, but I still learned something. Most of the time it isn’t a total loss. I end up with a lot of $10, $50, and $250 ideas too. But I can afford to endure dozens of those relative flops for the chance to hit just one more $10,000 idea. And when it works, I must say it’s pretty darn nice. How to Earn $10,000 in One Hour

It just makes so much sense. The idea of putting a value on each hour of work is comes from the industrial age and does not make sense with creative types such as entrepreneurs.


jitendra kumar October 26th, 2008

i want earn 20,00,000 $ in one week. how it may be possible. please help me because this is most necessory for my life….. please inform me on my mail add. [email protected]

Nicola July 25th, 2009

I think it’s all matter of faith if you believe you can make even a million dollars in hours and your faith is strong and have no doubt It’s mean you will make a million dollar.
It’s all about faith what u believe you can do in your life.
God bless you all


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