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Published September 14th, 2005 edit replace rm!

Today was the first time I had TextMate open for 2 weeks or so, what a relief. We just bought a place and have spent a long time painting and doing other annoying things that were necessary. I’m really exhausted by all of it. I only have a few rewiring things todo by next weekend and I should be finished.

TDC the Danish telecoms monopoly messed me about with the ADSL line. It was installed last Friday but didn’t work because of a dead phone line. It would take them 2 weeks to send a technician to get it working. So I quit my subscription and opened a Cable Modem account, also with TDC (Unfortunately). In Denmark you still have to have a analog phone subscription to have ADSL, so at least I’m saving the DKK 119 pm ($20) I’m paying for nothing. I have never made a call from that line anyway. The Cable Modem deal was cool. I picked the modem up in the local TDC shop and my account was setup the next day.

Now to battle TDC for the moving costs. They charged me DKK 450 ($75) for the move (which never worked). This includes DKK 49 for postage. I’m not quite sure what it was they posted. I fully expect an hours worth of battle with TDC about this. I’ve fought isp’s before and won, so I’m not going to lie down.

Annoyances aside. It is great to finally be back at work. I’m trying to finish the last bug fixes in the next StakeItOut release. No ETA at the moment except for real soon now.

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