Met up with Sean Treadway last night

Published June 29th, 2005 edit replace rm!

It turns out that Sean Treadway lives a block or two away from me, so we met up for a couple of beers last night.

Great getting to know a fellow Rails coder and Entrepreneur .


Dmitry October 17th, 2007

No doubts, Sean is a great guy, his web site has a lot of good stuff, unfortunately it appears to be down for some time now, is there an easy way to get in touch with him and let him know that it’s unaccessible?


Sean Treadway October 19th, 2007

No worries. I’m alive and well. Unfortunately my hosting is changing at the moment, and it’s happening earlier than I expected.

The site should be back up again soon.


Marek November 8th, 2007

Sean, could you please kindly make your plugins available from or other ruby/rails site?

If you google around, there have been many people asking about the availability of your site in the past months.

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