The cheap can sometimes be expensive

Published June 28th, 2005 edit replace rm!

So when I bought my powerbook in March I decided to stick with the base 512mb. I figured how bad could it be? It’s not like I’m running any Java IDE’s or anything that normally sucks up memory.

Besides there is a magic tax write off limit I would hit here in Denmark if I didn’t upgrade the memory.

Well, when you have textmate, safari, firefox, newsfire, marsedit, yoursql, itunes as well as a webrick dev session open at the time on a 512 meg powerbook you find yourself doing a lot of swapping. It was a pain in the ass (I’m the boss here I do not need to insert **). Even the cool instant startup from sleep was taking ages.

So I did the right thing and ordered 512mb from Crucial so I could have it as part of this quarters VAT return. Finally got it yesterday and what a difference. I know everyone probably already knew this, but it is so much faster. The memory also was nearly 20 euro cheaper than it was when I looked at it in March. Actually my own memory might be wrong, but thats what I think anyway.

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